Last minute gifts

Last minute gifts

If the thought of another trip to the mall is enough to drive you over the edge, do not despair. There is still time to get those last minute gifts for your loved ones. Best of all, you may not have to leave home to get them.

With a little bit of creativity, you can give those you love gifts - and memories - they will cherish for a lifetime. While there is nothing wrong with store bought gifts, homemade presents provide the kind of warmth you simply cannot get at the local mall.

Homemade gifts can delight everyone on your gift list, including those hard to buy for friends and relatives. Just take a look at these great ideas for homemade and heartfelt holiday gifts. 

Homemade Jewelry

Just about everyone loves jewelry, and homemade jewelry is truly a one of a kind gift. Whether you use jewelry wire to create a special necklace or pendant, beads for the perfect bracelet or old gemstones to craft a stunning brooch, you can be sure that your loved ones will not receive a gift like it.

You can find instructions for making homemade jewelry online - and everything you need to create those great gifts at the local craft store.

Baked Goods

Homemade baked goods are as much a part of the holidays as the Christmas tree and candy canes. Those homemade baked goods can also make wonderful gifts, either as part of a gift basket or on their own.

You can get as creative as you want with these special homemade gifts. Whip up a batch of your favorite sugar cookies, and then let your imagination run wild decorating them. You can even personalize those cookies with the names of the recipients.

A recipe jar is another great way to treat your loved ones. Just gather the dry ingredients for your favorite cookie or cake, then layer those items in a Mason jar. Seal the jar, and then decorate it with ribbons, stickers or even glitter. Create a handmade label containing the printed recipe so your loved ones can enjoy a tasty treat any time of year.

Cherished Childhood Treats

If your kids have grown up and moved away, why not treat them to their favorite childhood goodies this holiday season? There are many regional tastes and recipes. Think about the treats your kids loved when they were growing up, and then whip up a batch and put it in the mail.

You can include those special culinary memories as part of a larger gift basket, or simply send those goodies on their own. You may even want to include a recipe book so your son or daughter can whip up their own creations after the holidays are over.

Artwork for the Home

If you have artistic talent, why not put it to work to create some truly unique gifts this holiday season? If you love to paint, create a special landscape - or even a portrait - for your loved ones. If photography is your thing, consider offering a photo session for your family.

If you are a Photoshop expert, you could insert existing pictures of your loved ones into landmarks like the Grand Canyon, the Las Vegas Strip or the Empire State Building. You can then use those images to create a photo book your loved ones will not soon forget.

There is nothing better than a gift that comes from the heart. No matter how many people are on your gift list or what your holiday budget is, you can use these homemade gift ideas to give your loved ones some great Christmas memories.